ANCA TXcell: Grinding without compromise




TXcell Linear enjoys all the function and features of the TX7 Linear, but has a standard robot loader, capable of changing wheel packs up to 300mm diameter and work pieces.
Wheel packs can be substituted with endmills, polishing or deburring brushes or spindle speeders to further extend the range of applications and operations possible on the TXcell.
In addition, using the robot’s inherent flexibility, ANCA’s Engineering team can develop customised solutions for pre and post grind operations such as part gauging, laser etch marking, cleaning and more.



  • TXcell machine delivers all the same functions and options as TX7 Linear machine but additionally includes a robot cell

  • TXcell Linear’s robot cell is offered in two configurations:

    Small, with 2 tool loading pallet
    stations and 9 wheel pack
    stations with option up to 14
    Large, with 4 tool loading pallet
    stations and 9 wheel pack
    stations with option up to 24
  • Loads wheel packs up to 300mm (12”) diameter, together with their coolant manifold

  • Loads rotary cutting tool from 3mm up to 32mm diameter and up to 350mm long

  • Can have custom engineered solutions, to load non-round components, and include pre and post grinding operations in the TXcell Linear

  • Robot can be used for ancillary operations within the TXcell such as laser etching and tool finishing

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