LaserPlus Measurement System



LaserPlus is ANCA's premium tool measurement product. It provides a new level of automation and precision to the grinding process.

Precision and productivity are important in manufacturing. The new LaserPlus Measurement System helps operators achieve both. Using the built-in laser probe, you can accurately measure tool geometries in-process within +/- 2 microns or less. LaserPlus uses a laser beam to measure a ground cutting tool's dimensions accurately without removing it from the tool grinder. The laser measures the top and bottom of the tool to obtain an absolute diameter for maximum accuracy.

LaserPlus inside the ANCA MX7.jpg
LaserPlus on an ANCA MX7 tool grinder

The software then compares a ground tool's actual measurements to the required tool geometry. If needed, the machine automatically compensates to ensure tools are consistently within required tolerances. The frequency of laser probing during batch grinding is set up in the software. This helps ensure that your tools remain within the required tolerances from the first tool of the batch, to the last.

The non-contact nature of the laser probe is one of its strengths. As it doesn't come in contact with tools it can't damage them, especially fragile micro-tools. A controlled air blast system on the laser unit ensures that coolant or contaminants do not interfere with the measurement process.

ToolRoom software for LaserPlus.jpg
ToolRoom software for LaserPlus


The LaserPlus will enable customers to measure and compensate:

  • Outside diameter (OD) of non-tapered tools with Facet and Eccentric relief
  • Ballnose profile and Corner radius profile
  • Ballnose radius and Corner radius

LaserPlus with cover.JPG 

Key benefits

  • Reduced set-up times
  • Can measure micro-tools
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of waste
  • Laser OD SPC cycle
  • Any required adjustments are found and made automatically
  • No tool damage as non-contact
  • Reduces the need for expensive off-line measuring equipment
  • Measures top and bottom of tools for increased accuracy
  • Automatic in-process measurement saves operator time


Min/max tool lengths that can be inserted: Min. 10 mm - max 38 mm
Min. tool diameter: 0.5 mm
Max. tool diameter: 20 mm
Measurement tool accuracy ± 0.002 mm


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