To maximise the return on your investment, it is essential that your staff are properly trained in the optimum use of the machine. User training is usually done at the time the machine is installed, with more advanced training available as the machine operators become more familiar with the basic machine functions. Contact your local ANCA branch for further details.


Application training courses

 Machine training (5 days per machine model)

  • Fastgrind,  RX7, GX7, MX7, TX7+, TapX, SBG
  • Software suites
  • Main platform - iGrind, CIM3D, New Wheel Geometry Editor, iFLute
  • Drills & Profiles - Step tools & step drills, Subland drills, Sandvik Delta Drill, Hertel SE, SF, Seco Drill, Conical Drill, Multi Drill, Profile grinding
  • Burrs - Standard, Aluminium, Vanishing flutes
  • Other - ANCrest, Compression router

Detailed outline of the courses, timing and prices are available upon request.