Medical Application: Bone Rasp


Bone raspTool Description:
Bone Rasp

Tool Application:
Bone Rasp for Hip replacements

Tool Material:
Medical stainless steel

Grinding Setup:
Machine: TX7+
Coolant Medium: oil

Grinding Operations:
1. Digitise End of Tool
2. Grind Teeth 1-48
3. Rasp End Taper Facet
4. Rasp End Face
5. Rasp Pin
6. Rasp Nose

Special Requirements:
Tailstock, external wheel dresser, extended wheel arbor

Cycle Time (estimate):
31 minutes

Other Comments:
Medical bone rasp with 48 teeth ground with a 198 mm diameter Norton TG Wheel. Roughing, finishing and spark out passes were used. Program was generated from a solid model in UGS then used NXCAM post processing output and ANCA Cimulator3D for verification. The rasp can be ground with or without chipbreakers.

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