Cutting Tool Application: Spiral Flute Tap


Spiral flute tapTool Description:
1 5/16 Spiral Flute Tap
Whitworth tap with 55 deg. thread.

Tool Application:

Tool Material:
High-speed steel (HSS)

Grinding Setup:
Machine: TapX
Coolant Medium: oil

Grinding Operations:
1. Digitise end of tool
2. Formed flute from solid
3. Dress chamfer wheels
4. Tap chamfer
5. Tap chamfer 45 degree
6. Tap threading
7. Thread cresting
8. Tap threading - finishing

Special Requirements:
TapX Tailstock

Cycle Time (estimate):
10 minutes 55 Sec

Other Comments:
1 5/16 Spiral Flute Whitworth tap with 55 deg thread. Surface finish was exceptional. The tap was ground using Norton Aulos TGX80-VB34 for fluting and Norton 3SGA100UB31 for chamfer and thread. 16 Bar pump delivering 160 lpm.