Aerospace Application: Wave Form Cutter


Aerospace Application: Wave Form CutterTool Description:
ANCrest (wave form cutter)
1” diameter, four flutes

Tool Application:
Roughing of titanium alloys, particularly those used in aerospace applications

Tool Material:
High speed steel

Grinding Setup:
Machine: TX7+
Coolant Medium: oil

Grinding Operations:
1. Digitise end of tool
2. ANCrest fluting
3. ANCrest (OD) relief
4. Endface gash
5. Endface relief
6. Endface notch

Special Requirements:

Cycle Time (estimate):
15 minutes

Other Comments:
ANCrest tools can also be ground with corner radius and ballnose features. Because the ANCA’s ANCrest software grinds the complete tool including flute wave form, these tools can also be manufactured in carbide.