Aerospace Application: Composite Cutter


Composite CutterTool Description:
Composite Cutter
10mm diameter, six flutes

Tool Application:
Cutting Composite Materials, such as Kevlar®, for aerospace applications

Tool Material:

Grinding Setup:
Machine: TX7+
Coolant Medium: oil

Grinding Operations:
1. Digitise End of Tool
2. Flute from Solid
3. Facet Point
4. Point Gash
5. Step Editor
6. Serrated OD Cutter Operation

Special Requirements:

Cycle Time (estimate):
25 minutes

Other Comments:
This composite cutter was created extracting information from a VBS (visual basic script) file and using the special operations manager to create the operation for the serrated teeth, of which there are 18 right hand teeth and 17 left hand teeth.