ANCA Software Options


Within the ANCA ToolRoom software platform are various purchase options to complement the standard suite. These purchase options offer a variety of applications for regrinding and manufacture of special cutting tools. Some of the options include the following:

Drill Points

A wide range of proprietary drill points and software for regrinding and manufacture of drills:

  • Sandvik Delta Drill points
  • Hertel TF and SE drill points
  • SECO drill point
  • Kennametal HP Drill points (Kennametal dongle required)
  • K-Land
  • Subland Drills

ANCA Software Drill Point Selection

ANCA Software K-Land Edge Preperation

Woodworking tools

  • Compression Routers
  • Profile Blade Software
  • Forstner Bits
  • Brad Point Drills
  • Various others

ANCA Software Profile Blade


ANCA Software Compression Router


  • Standard Burrs
  • Alu-Cut Burrs
  • Medical Burrs

Standard Burrs ground on an ANCA Tool Grinder

ANCA Software Alu-Cut Burrs

 Form and Profile Tools

  • Profile Software
  • ANCrest (Crest Cut) Cutter Software

ANCA Software Profile 

ANCA ANCrest Software

  Punch Tools

  • iPunch - Standard convex punches
  • Keyhole punches



Why did we stop making our dedicated punch grinder?


Punch tools ground on an ANCA Tool Grinder

ANCA Software Keyhole Punch

Other Tool Types

  • Side and Face Cutter
  • Taps – fluting and Chamfering
  • Taps – Threading (requires TapX)



FEW in Johannesburg uses TapX to improve business


ANCA Software Side and Face Cutter

ANCA Software Tap Threading / Grinding

Process Options

  • Dressing (wheel truing) software
  • Whitesticking
  • iBalance – in-machine wheel balancing
  • iContact – SMS and email notification
  • AutoQ – Automatic wheel qualification
  • Auto Commissioning Software



Dress for Success – 3 Steps to Aggressive Cycle Times


 ANCA Tool Grinder Wheel Dressing

ANCA Softwrare White Sticking

Measurement Options

  • iView – In-machine optical tool measurement
  • Laser Measurement and Compensation
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • Flute Core Digitising – Measurement and compensation of core profiles
  • Thread Relief Measurement – In machine tap thread measurement



ANCA iView - In machine optical tool measurement

ANCA laser tool measurement

CAD/CAM Generated Parts

  • ANCAM NX – NX Post Processor



Knees Please - Orthopedic Implant Grinding


ANCA machine grinding an bone rasp


ANCA offers the most comprehensive range of software to cover whatever type of special tool may be required. Various special applications are also available. Contact your local ANCA branch for further information.