Software Overview


ANCA Software for CNC Tool Grinders

ANCA has delivered a range of innovations which has totally changed the landscape of tool grinding and provided enormous efficiency gains in operating and using CNC tool and cutter grinding machines.

Since introducing revolutionary 3D simulation capabilities to CNC tool grinding, ANCA’s software solutions continue to be recognised as leading the industry.

ANCA’s ToolRoom software suite is renowned for its flexibility and ease of use to tackle any tool grinding challenge, with arguably the largest application diversity of any tool design software suite.

ToolRoom comprises of various applications including iGrind, ANCA’s main tool design and grinding application. Some of the various tools our customers produce using ToolRoom software include:

  • Milling cutters including ball-nose, square end, corner radius, crest-cut, side and face, ripper cutters, dovetail cutters and more.
  • Drills including parallel, step drills, gun drills, spade drills, as well as a wide range of drill points.
  • Punch tools including standard convex punches as well as keyhole punches.
  • Threading tools such as taps and thread mills.
  • Burrs for standard applications, medical, or aluminum.
  • Woodworking tools including compression spiral routers, profile blades, routers, saw blades, forstner bits, brad point drills, finger joint cutters and more.
  • Medical orthopedics such as artificial knees, dental implants, femoral balls, etc.
  • Medical instrumentation covering a wide range of applications such as bone rasps, drills, taps, reamers, etc.
  • Gear related tools and parts such as stick blades, power steering pinion gears, hobs and gears.
  • CAD generated parts such as turbine blades and other special parts/tools using ANCA’s ANCAM NX post-processing software.
  • Many other tool types including inserts, fir tree cutters, engraving tools, countersinks, reamers, broaches, hole saws and more.

Several software options and enhancements are also available to run in conjunction with ToolRoom that extend the versatility of ANCA grinders.