ANCA's new ToolDraft allows you to create quick and easy 2D tool drawings straight from CIM3D or ToolRoom software, ready for your own, or your customer's requirements.


ToolDraft is ANCA’s latest software package for creating 2D cutting tool drawings.

An independent product to ToolRoom and CIM3D, ToolDraft now produces 2D drawings simply by clicking on the ToolDraft icon in CIM3D (V8.1 onwards). It removes the requirement to export the 3D tool image to an external and non-tool dedicated CAD package. 

Quick and easy 2D tool drawings will now be able to be created straight from CIM3D or ToolRoom software, ready for your own, or your customer’s requirements.


Snappable Point Dimensioning

  • A range of linear dimensions can be added
  • Points of interest are highlighted and can be snapped to
  • Options are available for 3 point 4 point and tangent angles
  • Radius and diameter dimensioning is available



Blank, core and cutting profiles


  • Core profiles of the tool are completely defined
  • Cutting profiles can be added to blank or core profiles
  • Coolant holes can be added to blank profile





Tool projections

  • 1st and 3rd angle projections can be added
  • They can be linked and unlinked from tool




 Detail and cross section views

  • Any number of cross section views can be added and renamed
  • Similarly, any number of detail views can be added
  • Details of detail views can also be added
  • Independent scaling for all the tool views can be configured


Collapsed views

  • Collapsed views can be added for longer shank tools
  • The length dimensions will remain original with the collapsed views




Tool views


  • All tool views are adjustable in position and angle
  • They can also be scaled and rotated along the A-axis
  • The direction of the view can be swapped if required for cross section views

















Dimensional properties


  • Tolerances can be shown
  • Values can be overridden with custom values
  • Prefix and suffix can be shown
  • Orientation/position of the dimension text can be changed
  • Auto placement of dimensions

















Drawings can be annotated with:
  • Text
  • Images
  • Leader text
  • Drafting symbols 



Pages and styles

  • Multiple pages can be added to a drawing
  • Page size and orientation can be set
  • Default text and line style properties can be changed to suit company standards
  • Drawing units can be changed to metric or imperial


























  • Templates with company title block can be saved
  • New drawings can be created based on saved templates



File export and print

  • Drawings can be exported to PDF or DXF (only tool views)
  • Drawings can be printed




Download ToolDraft brochure