Management Suite



Virtual machine monitoring technology to achieve premium grinding efficiencies.


Management Suite will enable customers to monitor the operational performance of their machines and provide live production and machine data to make informed operational improvements:





REDAX (Remote Data Analytics)

  • RedaX monitors production in real time and delivers up-to-date information, greatly enhancing visibility and control in the manufacturing operation.  
  • Overview page displaying the activity and status of all  machines in the factory.
  •  Dashboard with in-depth details of individual production machines.


Customer benefits

  • Reduces machine downtime by immediate notification of a machine ceasing production with reasons for stoppage as an email or SMS to the relevant personnel. This will allow the user to respond rapidly to stoppages and production disturbances. 
  • Provides analytics to enable the business to understand reasons for regular downtime leading to reduced productivity. 
  • Complete visibility of the machine status and activity from your office PC or from anywhere in the world if you are logged into the company’s server. 



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