Optional ANCA Software Enhancements


Through close cooperation with customers, ANCA has developed a series of optional software enhancements that extend the versatility of the ANCA grinders and open new markets for manufacturers. Each one is compatible with the standard ToolRoom suite and is very user-friendly.


ANCA CIM3D Tool Grinding Simulation Software

CIMulator3D is a software package that provides full and true 3D simulation of the grinding process. The user can view the grinding process and the resulting model. On-screen tool model measurements are possible, as are collision possibilities and process feasibility. CIMulator3D can be run on the ANCA machine or on a separate PC, which means R&D can be done without taking the grinder off production.

Download CIMulator 3D Flyer




ANCA iFlute Inverse Flute Design Software

iFlute is a 3D simulation software package for designing customised flute profiles in the manufacturing process. The integration of both forward and reverse flute design enables the designer to optimise the tool cross-section and the resulting tool design. Constant Hook in the software options enables operations to achieve the specified constant hook angle along the whole cutting edge of step or form tools. The Straight Lip option enables the grinding of the required flute that generates a straight lip when grinding a drill point.



 iFlute and CIMulator3D being used to design a tap


ANCA Statistical Process Control (SPC) software fully complies with the automotive industry standards. The software monitors and evaluates selected parameters during the grinding process, making the necessary adjustments to ensure the tool stays within the limits. The results are displayed graphically.