TapXmicro - Single setup grinding of micro taps 3mm and under



The new TapXmicro delivers superior quality achieving a pitch diameter Cpk of over 1.5 when batch grinding M1.4 x 0.3mm taps


Increasing demands for mobile devices and changes in materials are resulting in a higher consumption of thread tapping tools. Designed solely to service this market the TapXmicro brings the complete grinding package into one machine.





Traditional tap manufacturing requires multiple grinding operations performed on separate dedicated machines. Combining the process into one achieves significant productivity improvements as customers no longer need to consider issues of work-in-progress management, long machine setup times and tool quality when tools were moved from one machine to the next. The TapX has been designed to address these challenges, making small batch grinding of taps commercially viable.

Based off ANCA’s proven MX Linear machine platform, the 5-axis TapXmicro brings together all the tooling and software required to support complete tap grinding for sizes under M3. It includes grinding wheel pack changers for up to six wheel packs, dressers for all grinding wheels, between centre work holding that included a flexible compensating chuck system as well as CNC controlled tailstock, wheel balancing and automatic tool loading.

Of equal importance is the software that simplifies the programming of all aspects of a tap. Clever features such as form tap profile editor mean virtually any tap geometry you can imagine can be ground with the ANCA tap application software. In addition, CIMulator3D that means the complete grinding process and tool geometry can be validated off line before grinding an actual tool. This greatly reduces real machine setup time and scrap tools.

TapXmicro Key Benefits

• Produce a micro tap, complete, in one cycle and single chucking
• HSS or carbide taps
• Dedicated workholding solutions for holding taps with a square tang or round shank
• Dedicated workholding ensuring low run out and repeatable grinding results
• On machine wheel dressing capability ensures tool consistency in batch grinding
• ANCA’s proven iTap software for quick and flexible programming
• Dedicated loading solutions for high volume unmanned production
• Wheel dressing with either plunge to formed dresser, or profile generation
• Short cycle times and high productivity

For more details download the brochures here: 

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