ANCA SBG: The Specialist Stick-Blade Grinder



The ANCA SBG was designed specially to grind stick-blades that are used in hypoid and spiral bevel gear manufacture. Its success is owed to its ability to easily meet the precision performance levels demanded by the automotive industry worldwide.

The dedicated SBG software has been developed to manufacture or recondition ARCON®, SPIRON®, RSR, Pentac® and TRI-AC® blade types. The user interface accepts the same blade geometry format used in the automotive industry. Existing summary files for stick-blades can be loaded directly into the SBG.


  • Dedicated machine for stick-blade grinding
  • Specialised grinding software
  • Customised workpiece holding
  • Manufacture or recondition stick-blades
  • A variety of automation options for unattended operation
  • Size-compensation interface for data from external measuring systems
  • 37 kW (49 HP) spindle

* ARCON® and SPIRON® are registered trademarks of Klingelnberg.

* Pentac® and TRI-AC® are registered trademarks of Gleason Corporation.

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