ANCA FX5 Linear: The Latest In Features For An Affordable Price




If you need automation and versatility of more options, such as the MicroPlus, then the FX5 Linear will suit your needs. The FX5 Linear has a spindle power of 9.5kW and also has an automatic 2-wheel changer for an increased range of wheels and tool types.With the optional automatic headstock clamping, it can provide unmanned operation and the flexibility to handle small volumes and mixed batches of tools. 


  • Same standard features as FX3 Linear

Also includes: 

  • Single wheel spindle (9.5kW peak power)
  • Includes a standard Automatic 2 Wheel Changer for an increased range of wheels & tool types
  • Headstock coolant
  • Automatic clamp headstock (optional)


Download ANCA FX5 Linear Brochure >>

Watch the FX Linear launch at IMTS 2014 >>