FastLoad-MX Loader


FastLoad-MX Loader: High capacity in a small footprint


ANCA has released the new FastLoad-MX, a reliable, cost-effective loader for the MX7 and MX5 machines. The FastLoad-MX is a profitable solution for automatic tool loading and has been designed to enhance the productivity of the ANCA MX range of machines.

The new FastLoad-MX for ANCA MX machines

The FastLoad-MX uses the existing machine axes for movement and makes automation an affordable option for companies that cannot justify the investment in more complex systems. The FastLoad-MX is a compact design with a small footprint and is an economical price.

The loader movements are kept simple, resulting in an economical solution for customers producing or regrinding tools in medium to small batch sizes. The FastLoad-MX is retrofittable so customers who already have an MX7 or MX5 machine can also benefit from automation and increased output by running unmanned for extended periods.

The FastLoad-MX uses the same grippers and pallets as the FastLoad on the FastGrind machine. The operator has easy access to the loader, tools and pallets through a door at the rear of the MX machine canopy. The FastLoad-MX has a high pallet capacity and can load a wide range of tools with a diameter between 3-20 mm and a maximum tool length of 150 mm.

In addition to improving machine productivity the FastLoad-MX will also provide a high level of flexibility due to the loader’s capability to load Nikken KM20 collets for different diameter tools with the same set of grippers. 




    FastLoad-MX inside the machine.JPG
  • Economical automation
  • Retrofittable to existing MX machines
  • Increased flexibility (capability to load Nikken collets)
  • Fast set-up (no need to change gripper fingers between batches)
  • Fast loading times
  • Increased grinder productivity
  • Optimised for high volume

Technical Data

Tool diameter: 2 - 20 mm (⅛” - ¾”)
Tool length: 30 - 150 mm (1¼” - 6”)
Maximum tool head diameter: 25 mm (1”)
Approximate cycle time: 18 seconds


Tool Pallets

Tool Diameter Pallet Capacity Examples
3 mm (⅛") 245
6 mm (¼") 156
12 mm (½") 68
16 mm (⅝") 42
20 mm (¾") 36







Download the FastLoad-MX flyer >>