FX Nachi Robot Tool Loader


The FX Nachi Robot Tool Loader is an automatic tool loading solution on the popular ANCA FX5 Linear and FX7 Linear two-wheel changer machines. The Nachi loader is ideal for both manufacturing and regrinding applications.


FX Nachi Robot Tool Loader

The FX Linear machines’ already small footprint is retained, as the Nachi 6-axis robot loader and the tool pallet are both integrated inside the machine. The Nachi loader is an affordable automation solution, which has been optimised for the highest volume diameters and lengths. It has a capacity range of up to 380 tools and a load cycle time of 15 seconds. In addition, there is no need to change gripper fingers between batches, which further maximises productivity.

The Nachi loader is quick and easy to set up, which is necessary in today’s demanding production environment and fast tooling turnaround. In addition, the FX Linear machine provides fast changeover of tool pallets via the pallet loader door, which is conveniently positioned at the front of machine. The pallet layout is simple, divided into two sections: the ‘pick-up’ side of the pallet is for unground tools, while the ‘store’ side is for finished tools.


Split pallet top, indicating the store and pick-up positions, as well as pallet loading sequence

For tool manufacturers that must meet the continual market demand for higher precision tools, ANCA’s patented range of PREMIER and MicroPlus precision workholding solutions are available.


MicroPlus workholding solution

Flexible Software

Loading parameters such as tool pick-up height, or collet insertion length, are controlled by the user-friendly RoboMate software, which eliminates complex robot programming. The software allows the operator to adjust the robot’s sequence and functionality directly from the machine’s user panel.

The software also provides the flexibility to include multiple tool types within a pallet. Separate iGrind grinding files (tool groups) can be associated with every different tool type and its operations within the one pallet.


ANCA's RoboMate software

 Technical Specifications:

  • Tool diameter range: Ø2mm to Ø20mm (Ø1/8” to Ø3/4”)
  • Tool lengths: 30mm to 150mm (1¼” to 6”)
  • Double set of grippers for quick tool unload/load into the collet
  • Tool load cycle time: 15 seconds
  • Max tool weight: 0.75kg (1.7lbs) for each gripper
  • Nachi MZ04 robot is used for tool loading (NOT loading wheel packs)
  • Loader capacity examples:
  • Tool Diameter Pallet Capacity
    3 mm (1/8") 340 (330)
    6 mm (1/4") 200 (192)
    12 mm (1/2") 80 (75)
    20 mm (3/4") 33


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