A market first - dual robot grinding cell



TXcell uses one robot for the dual purpose of changing wheel packs and tools. Adding to this success, the TXcell Linear grinding machine, is now offered with dual robot automation, creating highly versatile and customisable production grinding cell, adaptable to a wide variety of component manufacturing industries, including cutting tools, aerospace, medical and automotive.




With the enhanced flexibility of two robots, the TXcell Linear can have additional capabilities included, saving the time and cost of doing them on external dedicated work stations. In addition, because these operations are done in the robot cell rather than the main TX grinding machine, there is no increase in overall takt time. Examples include part loading to a fixture, laser etching of part ID, part buffing or brushing, art cleaning and part gauging, to name just a few.

Working with ANCA’s professional Engineering Team, your solution can be designed and built to meet the needs of your specific part and factory processes, ensuring maximum gains in quality, productivity and profit.




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