FastLoad - Compact Loader


The FastLoad is a unique loading system that is fully contained within the machine canopy.  

FastLoad Compact Loader

It is designed to be a low-cost solution for customers who need low-volume automation.

ANCA's FastLoad does not increase the machine footprint. It has no axes of its own, but uses the machine axes for the load and unload sequences. This reduces the cost, making automation an affordable option for companies that cannot justify the investment in more complex systems.

The FastLoad pallet is attached to the side of the headstock and a retracting arm is attached to the machine spindle column. The arm swings down into place to load and unload the blanks and tools, then retracts to an upright position during grinding. Access to the loader is through a door in the side of the machine canopy, the operator can reach the first-off tools of a batch through the machine operator door. 


At a glance

  • Does not increase machine footprint
  • Provides low cost automation
  • No need to change gripper fingers between batches
  • Optimised for highest volume of diameters & lengths
  • Designed for collet loading with Nikken KM20 collets that enable different diameter tools in one batch


Technical Data

Specification Length or Time
Diameter Range 3mm (1/8") - 20mm (3/4")
Length Range 30mm (11/4" - 150mm (6")
Maximum Tool Head Diameter 25mm (1")
Approximate Cycle Time 20 seconds


Tool Pallets

Tool Diameter Pallet Capacity Examples
3mm (1/8") x245
6mm (1/4") x156
20mm (3/4") x36


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