ANCA’s NEW Auto Tool Loading Solution for FX Linear




The AR300 Robot Tool Loader is ANCA’s new affordable auto-tool loading solution for the FX5 Linear and FX7 Linear machines. It can load a range of tool types within the diameter range of Ø2–20mm (1/8”-3/4”) and is ideal for both manufacturing and regrinding applications.

The AR300 loader allows the machines’ productivity levels to be maximised. Significant boosts to machine output result in a quick payback period and increased business profits.

The AR300 loader has been fully developed and built by ANCA, utilising the latest control technology from ANCA Motion. Customers benefit from comprehensive loader support, with no reliance on third party suppliers. The loader control is via the machine user interface which seamlessly integrates the loader and machine together.

The machine’s small footprint is retained as the AR300 loader is integrated inside the FX Linear machine.


Key Features

  • Loader operation controlled by the machine user interface
  • Flexible software to load a wide range of tool types
  • Tools accessed via loader door and sliding pallet table at the front of machine
  • Contained within standard machine footprint
  • Loader is retrofittable to existing machines
  • ANCA Motion CNC and drive technology