iBalance: Tool Grinder Wheel Balancing System



ANCA iBalance - Grinding Wheel Balancing System

iBalance is a unique balancing technology for the ANCA range of 5DX CNC grinders, using hardware that is already installed on the machine. By simply adding iBalance software and a special wheel arbor locknut, operators now have the ability to balance wheels directly on the machine.



Cost effective balancing system
Because the iBalance software uses hardware already in place on the machine, there is no need to purchase an expensive third party balancing system. 

Extended wheel life

Having a correctly balanced wheel will result in extended grinding wheel life.

Improved surface finish and geometry of work piece
Correctly balanced wheels result in superior surface finish and geometry of the work piece due to the elimination of wheel vibration at tributed to an out of balance wheel.

As there is no additional hardware to maintain, the balance system is as reliable as the machine itself.