Travelling Steady (P-axis)


TX7+ Travelling Steady (P Axis)

The optimum place to support a tool being ground is at the point of greatest load, which is directly under the grinding wheel. A conventional stationary support steady provides sufficient support on a short tool - but when you are manufacturing tools such as drills up to lengths of 400 mm long, a stationary support will not provide the continual support along the entire length of the tool.
The travelling steady provides the machine with an additional axis (P-axis) which, under CNC control, keeps the tool support directly underneath the point of grinding at all times. Keeping support under the wheel means heavy fluting operations on long slender tools is a reality.
In addition to providing support for fluting operations, the steady can be positioned at the end of the tool to give optimum support during end face grinding operations.
The bush support version uses a circular bush to encapsulate the tool during grinding. The bush is open at the top which exposes the top 45% of the tool for grinding wheel access. Using the bush is simple to set up and change between tool types. It also has the added feature of mounting a centre and being used as a tailstock.
ANCA can supply travelling steadies as either a bush version, tailstock or as an Arobotech hydraulic version.


  • Total tool support during grinding operations
  • CNC Controlled Suitable for tools with flute lengths up to 350 mm
  • Can be easily converted for use as a Tailstock
  • Compatible with all machine tooling accessories including automation



 Watch a video of the Arobotech Travelling Steady which demonstrates how it keeps the 
support directly underneath where the tool grinding is occurring at all times