ANCA’S NEW Premierplus Collet Adaptor





Improve your tool quality with ANCA’s patented Premierplus technology that maintains tool runout of 5 microns in the highest production environments. 


ANCA’s second generation Premierplus technology has several design improvements and complements our range of collet adaptors for shank tooling - consistent and efficient tool runout. The Premierplus is available on the FX, MX and TX machines without any modifications to the machine headstock.


ANCA’s Premierplus technology


Premierplus Collet Adaptor gives you the cutting edge


  • Consistent and repeatable tool runout of ≤ 5 microns during production runs
  • Rigid clamping improves quality of the finished tool
  • Easy set-up means less downtime
  • Can be retrofitted for existing MX, TX and FX machines in the field