MicroPlus is ANCA's #1 high accuracy workholding and tool support system

Our engineers are very excited about this release as the MicroPlus significantly reduces tool runout providing significant benefits to our customers.

Already proven on thousands of tools, consistent results of less than 3 micron runout have been achieved. This is exciting news for tool manufacturers as there is a continual market demand for higher precision tools.

The MicroPlus system consists of 2 separate assemblies. The Flexi-Chuck assembly for workholding and the Overhead Top Clamp Assembly (OTC) for tool guidance. Both come together to provide a system that delivers consistently lower runout than existing systems.

MicroPlus workholding & tool support system

Flexi-Chuck - workholding assembly

The function of the Flexi-Chuck is to clamp and rotate the tool, preventing any negative influences from affecting the guidance provided by the OTC. These include collet inaccuracy, inconsistent collet clamping and any misalignment caused by loading tools, automatically or manually.

The Flexi-Chuck has internal springs which generate the clamping force and is a completely independent unit. The Flexi-Chuck does not use the traditional Draw Bar design and so is not affected by its potential negative influence on tool runout.

The clamping force is generated by disc spring stacks within the Flexi-Chuck assembly. This provides sufficient force to clamp the tool effectively.

In other systems, if the drawbar and tool are misaligned and not in a completely straight line, the centrelines may differ so the drawbar pulls the tool at a different angle causing runout. Also, rigid draw bar mounted collets can over constrain the system, not allowing the V steady to totally dictate tool guidance. As we are talking in terms of microns, it is not difficult for this to occur.

The beauty of the Flexi-Chuck is that it allows the tool and the internal components that lead to it to move independently of each other, absorbing any potential misalignment. The tool guidance is achieved by the Overhead Top Clamp assembly and the collet float of the Flexi-Chuck. This allows the Overhead Top Clamp to guide the tool without the Flexi-Chuck influencing tool alignment accuracy.

UG image of Flexi-Chuck
Innovative new Flexi-Chuck, part of the new MicroPlus system




The innovative new workholding part of the MicroPlus uses the flat-nose Schaublin W20 range of collets.
Collet sizes range from 1mm - 8mm (1/32" - 5/16").





Overhead Top Clamp - tool support assembly

The role of the Overhead Top Clamp assembly in the system is to provide the runout and alignment accuracy for the tool.

It consists of a rigid V block that supports the tool to provide axial and angular alignment. The OTC retains the tool in the precision V block with an overhead clamp. The clamp is a rigid metal finger with an acetal pad to ensure the tool shank is not damaged when rotating during grinding. The OTC is mounted on a rigid steady bed, and the tool clamped and unclamped by a pneumatic actuator.

The operator can adjust pneumatic clamping pressure of the finger to suit different tool types and sizes.

 UG image of OTC

Overhead Top Clamp assembly - part of the MicroPlus system

Software set-up

Automated set-up assistance for MicroPlus is provided in ANCA's ToolRoom software. This helps the operator to set the centrelines of the Overhead Top Clamp assembly with the Flexi-Chuck, in both vertical and horizontal planes.

Key Benefits

  • Less than 3 micron (0.0001") runout for tools - measured 50mm (2") from the face of the collet
  • Reliable elimination of both radial and axial runout
  • Suitable for both manual and automated loading of tools
  • Ideal for the production grinding of 3 - 8mm diameter tools
  • Easy changeover of collets
  • No restriction in machine work envelope

Compatible machines for the MicroPlus

The MicroPlus is currently available for the FX5 Linear, FX7 Linear, MX5 Linear and MX7 Linear tool grinders.


Contact your local ANCA representative to find out more about the revolutionary new MicroPlus. 


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