ANCA has released an automated wheel-conditioning system for the MX tool grinder range. The 4 position Auto-Stick system is used for in-between cycle conditioning (sticking) of resin bonded CBN and diamond grinding wheels.

Save valuable time and increase operator safety by no longer having to perform this important task manually. Regular sticking of grinding wheels will ensure maximum results from Diamond and CBN wheels. The Auto-Stick system provides automated in-between cycle sticking of grinding wheels which:

  • Reduces tool burn and wheel glazing
  • Improves feed rates, cycle times and life expectancy of the wheels
  • Enables longer unmanned production runs

When continually grinding, wheels become glazed or loaded. Auto-Stick clears away small amounts of the resin bond in the wheel. The sticking process exposes the diamond and removes chips (swarf) embedded in the wheel so the wheel cuts better. A well-conditioned wheel grinds with lower grinding pressure. It will produce more parts in less time, and will last longer. 

Drawing of Auto-Stick.jpg

However, when wheel conditioning is not performed, a wheel can become loaded with carbide or high speed steel chips. It will then grind with greater grinding pressure and have a lower grinding ratio. Auto-Stick uses a rotary assembly that is pneumatically actuated. The holder on Auto-Stick rotates to hold the selected white-stick against the grinding wheel.

Conditioning of grinding wheels can be accessed within the iGrind software, via wheel dressing operations. The Auto-Stick system is set up in the software so the last amount of stick material is used. The software allows the user full control over the management of sticking the wheel, with the following capabilites:

  • Wheel profile
  • Wheel speed
  • Frequency of sticking
  • Depth of sticking via plunge/wipe
  • Compensation for wheel wear
  • Selection of wheel surface

The current Auto-Stick system can hold up to four sticks with the following dimensions:

  • 25 mm x 25 mm (1" x 1")
  • 25 mm x 20 mm (1" x ¾")

Compatible machines for the LaserPlus

ANCA MX5 and MX7 tool grinders.


Download Auto-Stick flyer >>