Auto Height Adjustable Steady



ANCA has released the new Auto Height Adjustable Steady (AHAS) for the TX and MX tool grinder range. This product is a tool support system for automatic setting of multi diameter tools.

There are several differences between the AHAS and a conventional Pop-up Steady. In cycle, the AHAS can be set at different height positions depending on the section of tool being rested, and at different horizontal positions along the tool for different operations. This capability is useful for stepped tools, or if there is variation in diameters between tool groups during batch grinding. The setting of multiple heights for tools with varying diameters in cycle is also possible.

Mounted on the P-axis, the AHAS allows users to set the height of the shoe by positioning the top face of the tool (or blank) against a fixed datum surface. The steady automatically extends upwards, pushing the tool against the datum, and stops at the height that suits the required diameter. The fixed datum block is mounted onto the C-axis swing bracket for tool positioning. This removes the need for an operator to manually set the steady. The AHAS can be used in-process during a production run and in conjunction with ANCA's RoboMate loader for auto tool loading.


The automatic setting of the AHAS in process means that no operator intervention is required once the cycle starts. The AHAS can be used for a wide range of tools including endmills and drills with multi diameters. Pre-fluted tools with back taper and stepped diameters are also supported on the AHAS.

Existing TX and MX tool grinders can be retrofitted with the AHAS if the machine has a P-axis already fitted. This enables users to swap quickly between other methods of tool support, such as Arobotech and Bush systems.


Key benefits

  • Automatically sets the correct height for the tool diameter in cycle
  • No manual adjustment or operator intervention is required
  • Saves set-up time
  • Supports pre-fluted tools and tools with varying diameters
  • Increases productivity and reduces downtime
  • Back taper adjustment for drills
  • Ability to change between AHAS to Arobotech or Bush systems (changeover is about 1.5 hours)
  • Wide range of support shoes to cater for different tool types and sizes


Product details

  • Height repeatability of 0.005 mm (.0002")
  • Diameter range 2-20 mm (0.078" - 3/4")
  • Overall tool length range 50-250 mm (2" - 10") for MX and 50-350 mm (2" - 13") for TX
  • Back taper adjustment
  • Pitch, Y and Yaw adjustment
  • Multiple height setting for different diameters is possible within cycle
  • Integration with loader software and other accessories
  • OD digitising is performed to determine the tool OD
  • CE compliant
  • A wide variety of V- and U-shape shoes is available to support the tool


Download Auto Height Adjustable Steady flyer