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ANCA's primary informative publication is the glossy magazine The Sharp Edge. Produced annually and distributed around the world, The Sharp Edge contains updates and information on ANCA products and services as well as profiles of major customers and application briefings. Download an optimised copy here, or contact your nearest ANCA branch for a printed copy.



Issue Twelve 2015-16


  • how Scrum can help your business
  • top 10 service tips for getting the best out of your tool grinder
  • linear motor vs ballscrew drive systems
  • Myles Tool case study
  • RFID makes tool tracking easy
  • Extramet and Trutech
  • ToolRoom 2016 features
  • ToolDraft - ANCA's 2D tool drawing software
  • Greene Tool case study
  • top 10 Australian inventions
  • Mahe Medical case study
  • a guide to Weinheim, ANCA Germany's new home
  • from concept to creation - behind the scenes at ANCA
  • Element Six case study



Issue Eleven 2014 


  • ANCA celebrates 40 years in 2014
  • the 20+ years club
  • control tool runout with PREMIER Collet Adaptors
  • the new LinX linear motors - why cylindrical is best
  • launch of the FX Linear range
  • why you need the CIM3D 2014 simulation software
  • Neatech Tool case study
  • getting feedrates up by The Grinding Doc
  • stories from some of ANCA's long serving employees
  • a guide to Detroit, the home of ANCA Inc
  • Corin Medical case study
  • using 5S to improve productivity




Issue Ten 2013


  • benefits of ANCA service agreements
  • new Vision System for detecting coolant holes
  • an insight into the Aerospace industry
  • turbine blade grinding on TX7+
  • Medical Precision case study
  • a guide to Melbourne - ANCA's home city
  • Precorp case study on the new EDGe machine
  • Benchmark Carbide case study
  • Dr Cool discusses coolant nozzles
  • new MicroPlus system
  • ToolRoom tips and tricks
  • how scripting can make your job easier
  • introducing the new LaserPlus and Auto-Stick



Issue Nine 2012


  • ANCA website boasts new Applications page
  • ANCA Motion unveils new facility in Bayswater
  • Tru-Edge Grinding, Inc. goes medical
  • Pegler Yorkshire talks about FastGrind benefits
  • introducing FastLoad
  • the Auto Qualification Wheel Probe saves time and money
  • RoboMate gets a new ANCA collet changer option
  • tap grinding on the TXcell
  • MX5 hits the market
  • P-axis options to suit your business
  • Wintherthur on removal rates and aggressiveness
  • entering the punch market with the TX7+ or TXcell
  • ToolRoom 2012 features



Issue Eight 2011


  • ANCA Germany is 20 years young
  • GESAC tours ANCA factories
  • new apprentice centre at Bayswater
  • seven hot tips for improving your carbide grinding
  • Blaser Swisslube talks grinding fluid
  • the TXcell and blanket grinding revolution
  • Winterthur’s Walter Graf on running a grinding test
  • CIM3D Version 7 is released
  • Carbro Corp benefits from the ANCA/Zoller iCheck system
  • tips for getting the most out of ANCA’s iGrind suite



Issue Seven 2010


  • the release of the Next Generation MX7 machine
  • Rigibore (case study)
  • ANCA's latest RN31 Toolroom software
  • Southern Saw (case study)
  • broach resharpening
  • ANCA's global commitment (new offices in Brazil and India)
  • customised Engineering projects to suit customer requirements
  • ANCA's complete Punch grinding software suite
  • the new and affordable FastGrind machine



Issue Six 2008


  • more investment at ANCA
  • fluid Technology from Oelheld
  • Contour360
  • flute grinding with Naxoforce
  • CIM3D turns 10
  • Olivier Leclerc on ELCO
  • GX7+
  • small-tool pack for the RX7
  • ANCA's John Koene and CNC technology
  • ANCA Motion up and about
  • RN30 software released
  • 3M and off-line wheel dressing
  • ANCA/Suttons carbide tap project



Issue Five 2007


  • PGX+
  • Melin Tool
  • YG-1
  • TX7+ traveling steady
  • Corin Medical
  • grinding pinion gears
  • TX7+Xchanger
  • TapX
  • ANCA's new investments
  • profile blade software
  • St Gobain's Univel G-Force superabrasives
  • Naxoflute and Naxopoish from Winterthur
  • Zoller's <<genius3>>



Issue Four 2006


  • CAD/CAM grinding for knee joints
  • diamond dressing tools
  • new ANCA software
  • Tru Tech's centreless grinders
  • Quickgrind
  • Denny's Tool
  • ANCA customer service
  • a new office in Japan
  • precision V-block clamp and steady



Issue Three 2005


  • fir tree cutters
  • Renishaw innovation
  • iBalance
  • vitrified bond technology
  • Natoli
  • ANCA's world-class value chain system
  • milling hypoid gears with the SBG
  • Formtech
  • GX7 resharpening machine
  • new offices in the USA and China