ANCA at Metalex 2018 to learn why the FX7 Linear is a great solution on a budget





Visit ANCA to hear about our latest machine unveiled at IMTS, the CPX Linear Blank Preparation Machine


This year we will are showcasing the FX Linear with a range of automation options to maximise any customer’s tool production. Come and speak to our team to learn about our brand new CPX Linear Blank Preparation Grinder that can achieve a surface finish better than 0.2ra with run out of less than 2 microns the four axes grinder complements ANCA’s full machine range. As the only manufacturer who has the linear motor on every version of our grinding machines, visit us to find out why our customers love our linear motor technology that ensures rigidity to deliver a surface finish roughness average as low as 0.16 Ra. 

Visit ANCA at Stand: BI31, Hall 101 to find out more.


ANCA launches a new machine with the CPX Linear Blank Preparation Grinder

Launched at IMTS 2018 the CPX Linear has a large working envelope and powerful grinding spindles to achieve the highest precision and productivity for blank preparation in the market today. Using the pinch peel method of grinding it offers the same strength, rigidity and thermal stability expected from an ANCA tool grinder.

Simon Richardson, Product Manager at ANCA said: “We have taken the best aspects of our technology to build a fantastic machine. For example, our specially designed polymer concrete base provides the upmost stability in our grinding process so we took that and used it in the CPX Linear model.”
“We are known for our ongoing dedication to research and commitment to ensure our technology is surpassing our customers’ needs. This is another major milestone in that approach, providing a complementary machine for the full grinding process. What can I say, our customers asked and we listened - designing our own blank preparation machine.”





The CPX Linear is the best in its class:

• High Powered Roughing Spindle ensures high volume stock removal, enabling shorter cycle times and higher productivity.

• Polymer base (ANCAcrete) has excellent thermal stability and vibration dampening properties, delivering grinding process stability.

• LinX linear motors achieve superior precision and performance.

• BlankX software provides ease of use and programming flexibility.

• ANCA Motion Machine Control System – AMC5 CNC and AMD5X servo-drives provide all the computing power needed for sub-micron motion control for high accuracy.

• ANCA Motions AR300 low cost robot loader for automated loading of tool blanks is an option.
• Quick set up times to achieve greater efficiencies.

FX7 Linear is a great solution on a budget

The FX7 Linear will have a range of automation options to maximise any customer’s tool production. On display will be the optional Fanuc robot tool loader and 6 station wheel changer (includes changing of coolant manifolds), allowing unmanned capacity for up to 1,092 tools. The LaserPlus option provides automatic laser tool measurement and compensation to maintain a geometric tolerance of +/-0.002mm over small or large tool batches. There will be a dry-cycle tool production demo of compression routers (up/down cutters), which the LaserPlus is ideal for as it measures the OD for each of the up cutter and down cutter sections, guaranteeing tool accuracy for both manufacturing and regrind applications.
All the machine options are contained within the compact machine footprint, so there is no need for extra floorspace. Ask one of the ANCA sales team for a personal demonstration to learn more about the FX7 Linear and its options:

• Fanuc tool loader (with 6 station wheel changer)
• LaserPlus
• iView Camera
• Auto Wheel Qualification
• AutoStick
• Pop-up Steady
• Premier B32/45 Precision Collet Adaptor



LinX cylindrical linear motor ensures rigidity to deliver a surface finish roughness average as low as 0.16 Ra

As well as being pleasing to the eye, highly polished flutes and gash surfaces improve chip evacuation and significantly improve tool performance and life. The smoother surface enables swarf (or chips) to exit more freely, preventing chip packing and material build up during machining.

ANCA is well known in the industry for its rigid grinding machines and has combined this with its sister company, ANCA Motion’s, LinX linear motor technology. Tools ground on our machines have a consistently high-quality cutting edge and surface finish. Since the product was launched customers have reported dramatically better results using the duel technologies.

ANCA is the only large tool grinding manufacturer to offer this type of technology on every machine in its range.

An Alicona infinite focus XL metrology machine in ANCA’s Grinding Centre of Excellence was used to verify the results to Nano metre accuracy finding that a surface finish roughness average as low as 164.7nm (which translates to 0.16 Ra) was achieved. The LinX cylindrical linear motors ensure there is no loss of preload or rigidity when grinding tools. As well as that, reversal errors are eliminated and higher contouring accuracy can be maintained due to a control algorithm we use which is unique to ANCA.

Tools with highly polished surfaces means better cutting edges which will ensure extended tool life and improve the finish on the machined part. We have seen the demand for tools with a superior surface finish continue to increase and cutting tool manufacturers are producing more highly polished tools in larger quantities.