Join us at IMTS for the ANCA Tool of the Year Event




Join us on 13th Sept at the ANCA stand for drinks and nibbles and the announcement of the ANCA Tool of the Year Competition winner

A great Cutter Grinder has the eye of an artist and the heart of a craftsman – Alfred Lyon

To find the Tool of the Year ANCA held a competition for customers to submit their favourite tool with the winners to be judged and announced live at IMTS. The prize is a trip for two to ANCA’s to our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia to see firsthand how the technology is created at ANCA and meet the team who are dedicated to finding even better solutions for our customer.

When: 13th September 4 – 6pm (winner announced at 5pm)

What: Drinks and nibbles and a chance to network with the grinding industry

Alfred Lyon, a well known and respected tool craftsman from AB Tools and competition judge said: “A great Cutter Grinder has the eye of an artist and the heart of a craftsman. We can use any tools available to create the desired cutter complete with the perfect geometry, profile, and finish. Anca CNC Grinders have allowed us to push the envelope of perfection and we are truly only limited by our imagination. The entrants in Anca’s Tool of the year contest are wonderful evidence of what we can come up with.”

See the actual tools from our six finalists:

1. Contour360       2. SAN Engineering and Supply      3. Acu -Twist                 4. Daily Grind Industrial Tool
5. Miltera                               5. Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk
Tool Of The Year Finalists 


Judging panel:

  • Alfred Lyon, Cutting Tool Supervisor, AB Tools
  • Pat Boland, Joint Co-Founder and Managing Director at ANCA
  • Pat McCluskey, Joint Co-Founder and Managing Director at ANCA
  • Alicona – Measurement of surface finish
  • Zoller – Measure profile and diameter

The tools are being judged on the following criteria:

  • Best surface finish in Ra (roughness average) value on the flute or gash surface
  • The tool the that is closest to the nominal tolerance as stated on the drawing in terms of diameter and profile (i.e. if the tolerance on diameter is +/- 0.010mm and the tool is measured to 0.005 then this will rank favourably)
  • Tool that has been ground to the tightest tolerance as per the drawing (i.e. the tool with the lowest tolerance will rank favourably)
  • Level of complexity (i.e. in terms of the number of steps, profiles will rank favourably)