ANCA was founded in 1974 by Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland in Melbourne, Australia, where the company still has its headquarters. Although the two engineers had different backgrounds - one academic and one technical and trade - their skills and experience were complementary, and they were like-minded in their drive to produce world class Computer Numerical Controls.
In the early 1980s, ANCA expanded by applying its high level engineering and mathematical skills used in programming, to develop complete machine tools. The company developed sophisticated CNC tool grinding machines by combining leading edge technology with operating simplicity.
The decision to extend its operations launched the company into a major growth phase, which involved the construction of a sophisticated machine tool factory and the employment of highly skilled and specialised staff. Continued growth has been matched by investment in factory equipment, research and development and a sales support infrastructure.
ANCA’s reputation for designing and building the highly capable and flexible CNCs used in our range of tool grinders, led to the formation of ANCA Motion in 2008. ANCA Motion produces CNC Control Systems, IO Devices, Servo Drives and Motors to suit a range of Machine Tool and Motion Control applications.