Source Finance for your ANCA purchase in US and Canada




ANCA Capital provides customer financing for our machines and accessories at a competitive rate and is the preferred lending source for your ANCA equipment purchases.

Whether it's a lease or a loan, ANCA Capital offers the best rates, flexible terms (up to 84 months), unique structures such as deferred or step payments and the ease of dealing with one company for both your equipment and financing requirements

A Capital Lease (Lease Financing) with a 10% purchase option passes ownership to you at the end of the lease term. In most cases, you will be able to take the depreciation for tax purposes.

Get a TapXmicro or TX7 Linear for under $9 thousand per month, MX7 Linear for less than $8 thousand a month or FX and CPX for under $5 thousand a month.

A True Lease with a Fair Market Value Purchase Option provides you with the flexibility to:

• purchase the equipment at the end of the term
• return the equipment to the lessor
• or renew the lease for an additional term

Since the ownership of the equipment remains with the lessor during the initial term, you enjoy the benefits of the equipment at a low monthly payment and may be able to expense 100% of the monthly payment off your company's pre-tax income, keeping the purchase off your balance sheet and reducing your tax liability.

Equipment Loans - Conventional financing for your equipment purchases.

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*ANCA Capital is currently only available for US and Canadian customers and applicants are subject to credit approval.